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GTRC's new e.learning course: INTRODUCTION TO COMBUSTION SCIENCE goes live

An Introduction to Combustion Science

?Distance Course E-Learning

This fully funded online e-learning course is aimed at individuals working or interested in working in the field of combustion. The course introduces the underlying principles of combustion that ultimately dictate combustion efficiency and emissions. It is a 1 credit CPD accredited to level 4 (1st year degree level) of the Credit and Qualifications Framework Wales (CQFW). It is anticipated that the course should take less than 10 hours in total to complete, including materials delivery, practice sessions, assessments and optional additional reading.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to balance chemical equations for stoichiometric combustion
  • Understand how poorly managed combustion conditions can impact on health and the environment
  • Understand how the stoichiometry of a flame can be ascertained through observation and/or measurement
  • Understand the relative merits of mass and volumetric flow rate measurement in combustion systems
  • Understand the method for calculating a mass based air to fuel ratio

?Date: Ongoing from 2nd May 2014

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