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GTRC Presents Work at 2020 ASME Turbo Expo

GTRC Presents Work at 2020 ASME Turbo Expo

Staff from GTRC presented work at the 2020 ASME International Gas Turbine Institute Turbo Expo:

GT2020-14953, "Emissions Performance of Staged Premixed and Diffusion Combustor Concepts for an NH3/Air Flame With and Without Reactant Humidification" presented by Dr. Daniel Pugh on Monday, 21st September in Session 03-27

GT2020-15168, "Influence of Humidity and Fuel Hydrogen Content on Ultrafine Non-Volatile Particulate Matter Formation in RQL Gas Turbine Technology" presented by Dr. Andrew Crayford on Monday, 21st September in Session 03-28

GT2020-16083, "Experimental and Kinetic Evaluation of Pressurized Lean Premixed Hydrogen-Air Flame Stability With Carbon Dioxide and Steam Dilution" presented by Dr. Jon Runyon on Thursday, 24th September in Session 03-44

GT2020-14581, "Industrial Wastewater as an Enabler of Green Ammonia to Power Via Gas Turbine Technology" by PhD student Sally Hewlett

GT2020-16010, "Chemical Kinetic Study of Pressure and Fuel Staging Effects on NOx Emissions in Premixed Methane/Hydrogen Flame Combustion" by PhD student James Bain presented in the Student Poster Competition.

Please find more details on the conference website.

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