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Academic Staff

Prof. Phil Bowen Director   email Phil
Prof. Richard Marsh     email Richard
Dr. Andrew Crayford   email Andrew
Dr. Daniel Pugh   email Dan
Prof. Agustin Valera-Medina   email Agustin
Dr. Rukshan Navaratne     email Rukshan


Operational Team

Mr. Steve Morris

Centre Manager
email Steve
Dr. Tony Giles Research Staff   email Tony
Dr. Syed Mashruk   email Syed
Dr. Burak Goktepe   email Burak
Dr. Eliot Durand   email Eliot
Jack Thomas
  email Jack
Gina Goddard-Bell
Research Admin   email Gina


Research Students



James Bain
Jordan Thomas
Llywleyn Hughes
Robin Vivoli
Elliott O'Malley
Ben White
George McPherson


Dr. Sally Hewlett
Completed 2021
Dr. Syed Mashruk
Completed 2020
Dr. Seif-Eddine Zitouni Completed 2020
Dr. Aniekan Okon Completed 2018
Dr. Hayder Kurji Completed 2017
Dr. Andrew Niland Completed 2017
Dr. Jon Runyon Completed 2016
Dr. Hesham Baej Completed 2016
Dr. Daniel de la Rosa Completed 2015
Dr. David Walters Completed 2015
Dr. Jonathon Lewis Completed 2015
Dr. Dan Pugh Completed 2014
Dr. Ashish Majithia Completed 2011
Dr. Yura Sevcenco Completed 2011
Dr. Audrius Bagdanavicius Completed 2010
Dr. Agustin Valera Medina Completed 2009
Dr. Mario Alonso Completed 2009
Dr. Nasser Shelil Completed 2009
Dr. Tony Giles  
Dr. Dancho Konstantinov  
Dr. Mohammed Abdul Sada  

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