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GTRC Continues Development of High-Pressure Counterflow Burner

GTRC Continues Development of High-Pressure Counterflow Burner

The GTRC will soon be adding a pressurised counter flow burner to its suite of fundamental combustion research rigs. This unique rig will be used for the study of flame stretch and flame extinction using two opposed-flow jets. A small, flat flame stabilises along a low velocity profile area created between the two opposed flow jets. Advanced non-intrusive diagnostic techniques will be utilised to interrogate the flame. The counter flow burner will be used to deliver research into alternative low carbon fuels for power generation and heat e.g. Hydrogen and ammonia.

The counter flow burner utilises two stainless steel additive manufacture (AM) water cooled nozzles that were manufactured at Cardiff University School of Engineering additive layer laboratories (https://lnkd.in/deYvcNb).

HP Counterflow Burner

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