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Particle Image Velocimetry



The low-speed PIV system consists of a frequency doubled (532 nm) dual cavity Nd:YAG laser (Litron Nano-S-60-15 PIV) operating at 5 Hz. Image pairs are typically captured with a Dantec HiSense Mk II CCD camera (Model C8484-52-05CP), with 1.38 megapixel resolution (1024 × 1344 pixels) at 12 bits resolution. A 60 mm Nikon lens was attached to the CCD camera along with a bandpass filter with high transmissivity at 532 nm. The overall field of view is approximately 90 × 120 mm, in the axial (“y”) and radial (“r”) directions respectively, with a resolution of 11.1 pixels/mm. For all PIV measurements, the camera is operated in dual-frame mode, with a delay time between images of 15 μs. This premixed flow was seeded with Al2O3 particles.

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