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GTRC Gas Mixing Facility

Due to the requirement for combustor flexibility, the centre employs a multi-line gas mixing facility. Each supply is fed from the external fuel storage compound, with independent Coriolis mass-flow measurement and proportional valve control.

Gas Mix 2.png
Fuel Control Valves and Flow Measurment


Gas Mix 1.png
Fuel Inlet Manifold


The facility also has additional, dedicated specialist supply lines: Up to 20 g/s CO2 can be provided from a liquid vaporiser to simulate exhaust gas recirculation for emissions reduction, alongside an electrically heated steam supply system with precise, mass-flow control. Oxy-combustion is facilitated through the use of a clean O2 line, housing specialist valve and sealant materials. Finally, one fuel line also has specialist EPDM seals, fitted for NH3 applications.

Storage compound.png
Fuel Storage Compound


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