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GTRC Research Activities


Cardiff School of Engineering’s Gas Turbine Research Centre (GTRC) was formally opened by Rhodri Morgan, First Minister for Wales, in October 2007 who commended it as an excellent example of the partnerships being built between industry and academia in Wales. The GTRC is one of very few of its kind in the world and facilitates novel research studies into the functionality of new combustion systems, components and fuels under elevated conditions of temperature and pressure.


Projects undertaken at GTRC are principally associated with the application of alternative fuels, developing decarbonised, clean, and efficient energy systems, reducing harmful emissions to meet legislative targets.  The research drivers for this facility have been for the increased up-take in alternative and renewable fuels and the pursuit of cleaner combustion for the reduction of NOx, CO2 and particulates for land-based power generation and aviation sectors.



Further detail of each specific project can be found on dedicated pages:


Current Projects

Historical Projects



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