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The staff of the Gas Turbine Research Centre would like to take this opportunity to thank, and acknowledge the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) and ECM2 (Welsh Assembly Government - WAG), QinetiQ and their subcontractors, and their colleagues at Cardiff University, for their co-operation in making this project a success.


EC Objective 1 Funding

The acquisition and development of GTRC was co-funded initially on the basis of a grant of £350,000 from the Welsh Assembly Government, sourced from the European Commission's Knowledge Exploitation Fund (KEF) to transfer the facility to Port Talbot.  In 2006 a £3,850,000 Objective 1 ERDF grant was secured, again from WEFO.  This grant co-funded the reconstruction and commissioning at ECM2 in Port Talbot.    

Research Facilities and Engineering


The facility described here originated from QinetiQ (formerly DERA, the UK Government's Defence Evaluation Research Agency), which donated this facility to the project, and undertook the subsequent recommissioning and staff training programme.  

Location - ECM2


GTRC is based at the Engineering Centre for Manufacturing and Materials or in short ECM2.  Companies in the manufacturing engineering and materials sectors can lease space in this laboratory complex in Port Talbot, South Wales, devoted to Research and Development.


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