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The Constant Volume Combustion Bomb


The Constant Volume Bomb Design


This GTRC constant volume combustion bomb is designed for filming the outward propagation of spherical flames, and the subsequent measurement of laminar flame speed.

The system has an internal volume of~34 L (ID: 260 mm), designed to allow for a sufficiently long experimental time window in the constant pressure region of flame expansion. The flame is visualised using four diametrically opposed 100 mm quartz viewing windows to facilitate high-speed imaging of flame propagation, by employing the Schlieren optical technique.

Images are captured by a CCD high-speed camera allowing for a for a spatial resolution of ∼0.14 mm per pixel, with propagation rates calculated by bespoke software employing commercially available edge-detection algorithms. A PID control system regulates the ambient reactant temperature.


High-speed Example of Spherical Flame Propagation


The system can be employed in two-phase configuration, utilising adiabatic decompression to form a quasi-homogeneous mist. A picture of the system with two-phase control pistons, and laser dropplet-sizer is shown below.


The System in Two-Phase Configuration


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