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Auto-Ignition Rig Commissioned
An exciting new rig is being commissioned by Cardiff University Gas Turbine Research Centre EngD student James Bain for his project with the EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training in ‘Resilient, Decarbonised Fuel Energy Systems’. This rig will enable studies into auto ignition delay time in non-homogeneous turbulent conditions as would be experience in staged and reheat combustion systems. This is of particular interest to his industrial sponsors RWE who have expressed their intention to promote hydrogen use across its fleet worldwide.

The rig will be used to investigate the effect of turbulence and temperature (Up to 900C) on the auto ignition delay time of hydrogen/methane blends up to 100% hydrogen. One of the unique facilities at the GTRC is the ability to synthesise a low oxidant flow containing air, carbon dioxide and water to simulate the exhaust products from the first stage of a multistage process with additional control comparable to a first stage combustor.

The work has been supported by the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC) and FLEXIS.

A special thank you to:

Cross Engineering Swansea Ltd


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