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The High-Pressure Optical Combustor

HPOC schematic.png

Section View of the HPOC Construction


This HPOC is a multi-purpose combustion facility for fundamental research and development work.

An extensive range of state-of-the-art measurement sections are available, some unique, each with different capabilities, all of which are predominately non-intrusive.

A range of burners can be adapted to fit inside the HPOC, with the casing rated to 1.6 MPa and 923 K.

A water-conditioned exhaust sample probe delivers emissions to an on-line gas analysis suite.

Precise combustor pressure can be specified through use of a water-cooled back-pressure valve with incremental control.

Various liquid and gaseous fuels may be fired including kerosene, diesel, bio-diesels, Natural Gas, Methane and a range of simulated synthesis gases.

Measurements can be made with the following maximum throughputs:

- Air flow rate:  < 5 kg/s
- Pressure: < 1.6 MPa
- Temperature: < 900 K


A comprehensive facility instrumentation suite is linked to a data-logging server, with all experiments controlled remotely via PLC.

Control Room.png

GTRC Control and Data-Logging Suite


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