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GTRC Welcomes Flex-E-Plant PhD Student Jon Runyon

JON RUNYON, PhD Student - Characterisation and Fundamental Understanding of Flame Behaviour and Instability associated with Variability in the Industrial Gas Turbine Fuel Range

Jon joined the Gas Turbine Research Center in September 2013 as a PhD student within Cardiff University’s School of Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Richard Marsh and Prof. Phil Bowen.  He is currently supported through the Flexible and Efficient Power Plant – Flex-E-Plant Consortium, focusing his research efforts on the characterization and fundamental understanding of flame behavior and instability associated with variability in the industrial gas turbine fuel range.  His interests include chemical kinetics, swirl flame dynamics, and the application of combustion diagnostic techniques including laser induced fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and dynamic pressure sensing.  Before joining the GTRC, Jon worked for ExxonMobil as a mechanical engineer at their oil refinery in Torrance, California.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  During his time at the UF, he completed an undergraduate honors thesis in the Energy and Gas Dynamics Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. William Lear focusing on the transition of a micro-gas turbine cycle demonstration rig to a flexible combustion apparatus.   Jon said, “When I was researching where to study for my PhD, I Googled “Gas Turbine Research” and the GTRC was the first hit I got. I paid a visit during the Summer of 2012, and immediately began the process of getting to Cardiff to study.” Outside of his PhD, Jon captains the GTRC 5-a-side football team, and enjoys travelling.


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