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UKELG 50th Anniversary Discussion Meeting, 9th-11th July, Trevithick Building, Cardiff University

UKELG is a subject interest group which aims to stimulate the informal exchange of information on all aspects of explosions, including the analysis and prevention of accidental explosions. Each year, on average, two UKELG meetings are organised by the Committee. ?The topics discussed cover all aspects of explosion and related loss prevention. Usually there is a 'state of the art' talk, which introduces the topic under discussion, followed by further shorter talks presented by workers active in that area. Attended by some 50 delegates: 40 from the UK, 7 from Europe, 3 from USA/Canada

Companies represented included: BP, Shell, HSE, GL Noble Denton, GexCon, Atkins Global, AWE, TATA steel, the MOD, and the Universities of Cardiff, Sheffield, Cranfield, Kingston, Leeds, Warwick and Maryland as well as Imperial College, London.

Presentations included:

  • Mechanisms of Spontaneous Turbulence-Induced Transition to Detonation
  • Recent Developments in Area Classification for Gases
  • Flame Propagation in Dust Clouds ? Challenges for Experimental Testing and Modelling
  • Radiative Ignition of Soot Coated Particles in Butane-Air Mixtures
  • Incidents in the Steel Industry


You can read more about UKELG here

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