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GTRC present 5 papers at ASME GT-Expo in Copenhagen

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GTRC present 5 papers at ASME GT-Expo in Copenhagen


Another successful year for the GTRC at the ASME GT-Expo.  The GTRC presented five papers at the conference in Copenhagen in the areas of: aircraft emissions; alternative fuels; safety & hazards:


“Evaluation of Transport Line Effects on PM Size Distribution for Aircraft Exhaust for Different Flow Regimes and Dilution Methodology” – Yura A. Sevcenco, David M. Walters, Andrew P. Crayford, Richard Marsh, Mark P. Johnson, Philip J. Bowen


"Influence of Ambient Conditions on Laminar Burning Velocity, Ignition and Flame Extinction for Ethanol-Air Mixtures" – Daniel de la Rosa, Andrew P. Crayford, Philip J. Bowen, Agustin Valera-Medina


“Flammability Of High Flash-point Liquid Fuels” – Peter J. Kay, Andrew P. Crayford, James Luxford, Philip J. Bowen

“Laminar Burning Velocity and Markstein Length characterisation of compositionally dynamic Blast Furnace Gas” – Daniel Pugh, Tim O'Doherty, Anthony Griffiths, Philip J. Bowen, Andrew P. Crayford, Richard Marsh, Anthony Giles, Andrew Hopkins


“Developing Effervescent Atomisation for Alternative Fuels” – Dancho Konstantinov, Philip, J. Bowen, Peter, J. Kay, Andrew, P. Crayford, Richard Marsh, Marco Derksen

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