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Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales to Open ToTem-34 in Cardiff (October 20/21, 2010)

Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales to Open ToTem-34 in Cardiff (October 20/21, 2010)

Professor John Harries will open the 34th IFRF TOTEM at Cardiff University on 20th October, 2010. Professor  Harries was appointed to the post of Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales in February 2010, and holds the Chair of Earth Observation in Imperial College's Department of Physics,

As a renowned atmospheric physicist, he is particularly known for leading the team that produced the first direct observational evidence of an increase in the Earth's greenhouse effect between 1970 and 1997. Published in 2001 in 'Nature', this research provided fundamental evidence that significant rises in the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide were responsible for warming the Earth by trapping more of the sun's heat in the atmosphere. John is a past President of the Royal Meteorological Society and of the International Radiation Commission.  

Given his scientific interests, Professor Harries is in an ideal position to set the scene and put into context the topic for Totem-34:  'Gas Turbine Research: Fuels, Combustion, Heat Transfer and Emissions'. John  will also be joining attendees at the conference dinner at the Banqueting Hall in Cardiff Castle on the evening of 20th October.  

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