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GTRC Undertakes RAPTOR Testing

GTRC Undertakes RAPTOR Testing

Despite the challenges to research from COVID-19 in 2020, the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking project RAPTOR (https://aviation-pm.eu/) continues to push the boundaries of aviation related emissions measurement and regulation.

Dr Andrew Crayford and researcher Eliot Durand from Cardiff University School of Engineering, and Lukas Durdina and Curdin Spirig from ZHAW School of Engineering have just completed a successful test campaign at the GTRC. Comparisons of two independent reference systems for the characterisation of aircraft nvPM were undertaken as part of RAPTOR.

The GTRC’s high pressure generic RQL combustor was utilised up to 6bar to produce nvPM characteristics representative of an aircraft gas turbine. Conventional and Sustainable (alternative) aviation fuels were also investigated.

In early 2021 Dr Paul Williams from The University of Manchester will attend the GTRC to use their aerosol instrumentation to better understand the losses in the current nvPM sampling methodologies with the goal of reducing uncertainties in the ICAO emission standards for RAPTOR.

RAPTOR Testing

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