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GTRC FLEXIS researcher presents ammonia paper at Combustion Symposium in Dublin

GTRC FLEXIS Researcher Presents Ammonia Paper at Combustion Symposium in Dublin

GTRC researcher, Dan Pugh, presented a Paper on Ammonia combustion at the 37th Combustion Symposium in Dublin.

The work outlines strategies for NOx reduction within a model GT combustor. The influences of humidity, air-staging, and pressure increase are systematically investigated.


The research was produced as part of Work Package 3 of the FLEXIS project with Prof. P. Bowen, Prof. R. Marsh, Dr. J. Runyon and Dr. A. Valera-Medina in attendance.


The paper is available open access through Elsevier through the link below.


Influence of steam addition and elevated ambient conditions on NOx reduction in a staged premixed swirling NH3/H2 flame

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