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        Welsh Energy Sector Training (WEST)

The WEST (Welsh Energy Sector Training) project is funded by the Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) as part of its Convergence Energy Programme.

 The purpose of the WEST project is to develop training courses that Welsh industry feels necessary to gain a competitive edge in a future, low carbon economy.  

Each partner institution involved in the project is engaged in a different research theme. Cardiff University School of Engineering Gas Turbine Research Facility (GTRC) will be responsible for delivering the Large Scale Power Generation (LSPG) project theme. The LSPG research project has focussed on optimising combustion when using conventional and alternative fuels, so course materials developed reflect this.

For more information about the WEST project in general, the partner institutions and their training themes please go to: www.westproject.org.uk

convergence map.gif

Three courses are currently being piloted by the LSPG theme. Participation in these courses is fully funded (i.e. free of charge) to individuals living or working in the convergence zone in Wales (i.e. the shaded areas on the map).

In summary, the three courses are as follows:

  1. 'An Introduction to Combustion Science' - An e-learning course accredited for 1 credit at level 4 of the Credit and Qualifications Framework Wales (i.e. 10 hours of study at 1st year degree level). This course is LIVE.
  2. 'Gas Turbine Technology' (24th June 2014) - A one day course delivered at the GTRC, Port Talbot.
  3. 'The Nature of Fuels' (5th August 2014) - A one day course delivered at Cardiff University School of Engineering. Accredited for 1 credit at level 4 of the CQFW.

For more details about these courses and to register, please visit the following link:


For more information please mail WEST project researcher Liz Locke at: LockeE@cardiff.ac.uk



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