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The Large Scale Atmospheric Spray Rig

Atmospheric Spray Rig

The atmospheric spray rig is primarily used for the characterisation of large scale sprays up to 250g/s.  Typical liquids that have been used include, water, gasoline, cyclohexane, butane, propane, diesel and bio-oil.  The facilities exist to pre-heat liquids and for air and steam assisted nozzles.


Accurate flow measurement is performed using an Emerson  Micromotion Control CMF025 coriolis meter, capable of accurately measuring mass flow rates to 0.1% of reading.  Measurements of temperature, flow rate and pressure are logged using a high speed data logger supplied by Dantec.

Optical Diagnostic Systems techniques available include:

 - 3D LDA
 -  PIV
 - 3D PDA (latest dense spray version)
 - Malvern Particle Sizing (Spraytec, Mastersizer χ)
 - High-Speed (250k fps) Visualisation
 - Planar Droplet Sizing (ILIDS, D32)
 - Schlieren, Shadowography



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