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GTRC Combustion Training of Corus staff part of 2010 Innovation Award won GTRC Director Tony Griffith

Prof Tony Griffiths, GTRC, wins Innovation Prize

Corus Centre of Excellence in Energy Optimisation, By-Product and Waste Management at Cardiff School of Engineering won Cardifff Universities 2010 Innovation Prize.  This collaboration is led by Prof Tony Griffiths, who on winning the award said: “This project is an excellent example of how University knowledge and expertise can help a vital part of the Welsh economy, and a key employer can share knowledge and meet industry challenges.  “It’s also an excellent example of how we in the School of Engineering can apply our knowledge to industry through skills transfer.”

corus course

The collaboration was also recognised for helping the Corus workforce gain new skills. Corus employees receive training at the GTRC in new areas of safe combustion, which is helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce accident levels.  To date, over two hundred Corus staff have been trained in the basics of gas combustion at the GTRC.

“The training of the workforce is an important part of equipping Corus to respond to the future business challenges of reducing the carbon footprint of steel manufacture”, said Mr Mark Thomas Manager- Electrial Engineering from CSPUK..   



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