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'Energy World' Publish Full-Page Article on GTRC

'Energy World' Publish Full-Page Article on GTRC

The GTRC has recently attracted a full-page feature in ‘Energy World’ (March 2010), the official monthly publication of The Energy Institute. This follows a feature in a review of UK developments in leading US journal, ‘Diesel and Gas Turbine Worldwide’ (May 2008).

The recent article explains the influential role of gas turbine research in the development of future low-carbon energy systems. This includes the need to increase fuel flexibility due to diverse imported gas supplies and hydrogen-rich gasification products from biomass or coal, with the potential for carbon capture integration for electrical power generation.

For aero-engines, challenges include new low-emission fuel-efficient cycles, such as LPP, as well as developing understanding of the formation for aero-engine particulate emissions. The article also emphasises the significant challenges ahead in terms of development of validated computational simulation models for gas turbine combustors.

The article includes details on the recent The GTRC announcments of several major international contracts which will help the Centre contribute solutions to these global challenges.

Firstly, a £530k research award from EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) involves an international consortium to develop new international standards for the measurement of aviation particulate pollution. The consortium includes Rolls-Royce, DLR (Germany), Onera (France), QinetiQ, Manchester University and Manchester Met. US and Canadian aero-pollution experts flew in to witness the first phase of the contract at GTRC in April. The second phase will utilise full-scale Rolls-Royce engine test-beds in Derby.

Secondly, as part of a €17m FP7 project on hydrogen-rich gas turbine combustion, suitable for so-called pre-combustion carbon-capture systems, the Centre has been awarded a £740k 3-year contract to develop a new gas turbine burner suitable for high-hydrogen fuel supply in collaboration with international manufacturer, Ansaldo (Genoa), as well as Siemens and E.ON.

gtrc innerThirdly, as part of a £800k EPSRC contract with Corus, the GTRC is training Corus operative and graduates in the utilisation of waste steel gases in power generation, again including hydrogen mixtures. This is part of the broader Corus Centre of Excellence, which has received commendation through the Corus newspaper, ‘The Journey;, and the recent Cardiff University Innovation Awards.

Finally, the article announces the GTRC’s first international conference, the 34th in a ‘review and foresight’ conference series, known as ‘TOTEMs’. This is on behalf of the International Flame Research Foundation, based in Pisa. Ironically, the conference had to be postponed until 19-21 October 2010 due to the potential adverse effect of Icelandic volcanic dust on aero-engines in April – perhaps another topical challenge to which GTRC will contribute in the future!

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