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Intrusive Sampling of Combustion Species 

The traversing probe is primarily used for internal gas sampling within combustor sectors at variable operating conditions. Gas samples are analysed for combustion and emissions species.

Nominal operating conditions:

Air flow rate:  < 5 kg/s
Pressure: < 10 bara
Temperature: < 900 K

Important attributes

  • This unique combustion research facility for on-line gas sampling probel traversing INSIDE combustors - i.e. within the combustion zone, allowing the development of combustion phenomena understanding and providing data for the development and verification of mathematical models - see diagram below;
  • The gas sampling probe can reach any point within the combustor across the full operating range;
  • Gas samples are transported from probe to a comprehensive on-line gas analysis suite;
  • Various bespoke traversing probes can be used; e.g. dual optical pyrometer–gas sampling probe;
  • Various fuels can be fired including Kerosene, diesel, bio-diesels, Natural Gas,  methane and various simulated synthesis gases.


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